Frontrunners Boston is Boston's first gay and lesbian running club, founded in 1979. Every Saturday morning, we meet and go running along the Charles River. Some people go for a 3 mile loop, some for a 5.6 mile loop, and some for an 7.8 mile loop. Some people walk, some people run. Afterwards, we go out for brunch nearby. Everybody has a good time.

We meet every Saturday at 10 am in front of Club Cafe at 209 Columbus Avenue (near the corner of Berkeley & Columbus).

Come out and run with us this week!

About Us

Frontrunners Boston is Boston's first running club for gays, lesbians, and LGBT-friendly runners, founded in 1979. We welcome and encourage runners of all ages and running abilities to participate in our community. We are an affiliate of International Front Runners, an organization representing LGBT running and walking clubs from around the world.


Email our club rep. frontrunnersboston@yahoo.com

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Saturday Run

Saturday Run is our main weekly activity. Come out and join us every Saturday at 10 am in front of Club Cafe at 209 Columbus Avenue (near the corner of Berkeley & Columbus).

If you need to drop off your stuff, show up a bit early and drop it off in one of our members' car. After we take off, we will wait until everyone finishes their run, get food from places nearby (typically au bon pain on St. James Ave.), and hang out and eat at the Boston Public Garden (when the weather is nice) or at the lobby of the Atrium (when the weather is not so nice).

How to get to the run

The meeting point is very easy to get to by the subway. You can get to Back Bay Station on the Orange Line or Arlington Station on the Green Line. If you are driving, there are plenty of 2-hour metered parking spots on a Saturday morning.

Route maps

There are three different loops, varying by where you want to turn around. If you're a newcomer, at least one of us will be running with you to make sure you're not lost.
  1. 3 miles. Start off the same as everyone but turn around once you get to the river
  2. ~6 miles. Crossing Harvard bridge.
  3. ~8 miles. Skip Harvard Bridge, run to BU Bridge, cross the river, and get back. This route is tricky. Note how we cut through the BU campus on the map.

How do I participate?

The best way is to join us is to run with us on a Saturday. We welcome new members of all ages, sizes, and running mileages. Out-of-towners and visitors are welcome as well. All you need to do is to show up and run! We are very friendly people. More detail on Saturday runs can be found here. And to stay updated with our club updates and news, please join our Front Runners Boston facebook group.

What should I expect on my first Saturday run?

First, look for good looking people in running gear in front of Club Cafe on Saturday morning and say hi. We are always keen on welcoming new members. We will go around and introduce ourselves before we start running. At least one of us will be running with you to make sure you're not lost.

Besides Saturday runs, what else do you guys do?

We occasionally have social events or run races outside of Boston together. You should definitely join or subscribe to our facebook group as we actively post our next social events, upcoming races, updates, etc. on the page. We also advertise these events at the beginning of Saturday run.

Is there a membership fee?

No. The club is free and open to everyone. No registration, secret handshake, or handkerchief code.

I still have questions. Can I talk to someone?

Email us at frontrunnersboston@yahoo.com

Winter Saturday Runs (01/13)

Snow and ice didn't stop us from running.

Aids 5k Run (06/12)

We hung out in Boston and drank some beer and had tons of fun in Boston's famous scorching heat.

January Potluck (01/12)

We cooked a bunch of stuff, brought it together, and ate. It was good time.

BAA Half 2011

35th Annual City Run